Dr. Gary A. Boring , D.C.
Atlas Orthogonist


Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Cleveland Chiropractic College Kansas City Campus in October 1968

Post Graduate Work:
1968-2007: Attending ongoing upper cervical adjusting instruction seminars taught by Dr. Sweat including Grostic and Atlas Orthogonal
1993: Atlas Orthogonal Board Certification #025
2004: Sherman College Board Certification in Atlas Orthogonal
2004: Inducted into the L.C.P. Palmer College of Chiropractic Legion of Chiropractic Philosophers

Chiropractic Practice:
Continuing with the Boring Family Chiropractic practice established in 1934 by Dr. Buell Boring who served the practice for 38 years and by his brother, Dr. Ray Boring, who also served the practice for 38 years.

1968: Graduated CCCKC serving as International Chiropractic Associations Student Representative, Senior Class President and recipient of Student of the Month Award
1968-1969: Missouri State Chiropractic Association District #2 Membership Chairman
1969-2007: Charter member of the Academy of Missouri Chiropractic Association serving as past Charter State Treasurer, past State Editor, past President, and other past and current Board positions
1973: CCCKC Beta Chiro Fraternity's Doctor of the Year Award
1984-1989: CCCKC Guest Lecturer and Presenter of Practice Extended Facility Class
1990-2007: Participant of Preceptor Program with Cleveland and Palmer Chiropractic Colleges

Current Responsibilities:
Active Chiropractic practice for 39 years
Active AMC Board member for 39 years
Active ICA member for 39 years
Active CCCKC Alumni member for 39 years
Active member First Family Church